Gerry Verhoeven's pre-WWII photos of Ambarawa

In memory of Gerry Verhoeven who died in Australia died on December 13, 2006

Gerry comments:

All photos relate to the rack section Jambu - Bedono in the 3'-6" rly line Ambarawa (Willem 1) -Jambu - Bedono -Grabak Merbabu - Magelang. (I believe a lot of track is pulled up now.)

military special
A military special is going up to Bedono (from Ambarawa) during manoeuvres in either 1938 or 1939, around July/August. The consist was : rack loco leading, an 8-wheel carriage, 6 4-wheel carriages, rack loc, 3 8-wheel carriages, 1 4-wheel luggage van, rack loco pushing. (JR: Ambarawa station is visible in the background. In those days, the left side was the 3ft 6in side and the right hand side was standard gauge. )

Start of rack
Start of the rack with my father H.C.Verhoeven, then divisional manager here.(Home station Magelang)
(JR: This is Bedono and I assume it is looking towards Amabarawa. This track layout still exists.)

Long passenger train
Passenger train going up to Bedono. (JR: We see a loco cut into the middle of the train. There would have been another loco on the rear and possibly one on the front.)

The back part of the military special going up.

Young lads
My father, brother and I (H.C., H.G. and G.H.V) at the commencement of the rack section at Bedono (going down to Jambu)
(JR: This looks like somewhere in the middle of the rack section from Jambu to Bedono looking towards Bedono. There is no cutting such as this at the beginning of the rack at Jambu.)


My brother Henk and I and railway fettlers (large white hats with black gang numerals) standing aside. (I think this photo is taken in '38 or early '39, as we left the place in June '39) (JR: This photo is just before Bedono looking down the rack towards Jambu.)

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