Photos from 13 October
NG Line Charter and Oskova SG shunting
Our group outside the Hotel Zlaca prior to departure - left to right - Tadayuki, Masato, Nobuyoshi, Akira, Peter, John P, Hans-Peter, Dan, John R, Dario, Ian, Steve G, Steve S
Inside the box car - Steve G, Dan, Steve S, Hans-Peter and me taking the selfie
83-158, box car (G wagon), 2 coal hoppers and a PW flat wagon
Banovici loader - in action with the diesel propelling wagons through - but where does the coal come from? There is no winding house for a deep mine and no open cast nearby.
Banovici - main road crossing
View through the loader at Grivice - this was also in action this visit.
62-125 in action for us at Oskova. It was a surprise to learn before the tour that this loco was working again after 4 previous visits when only the class 19 was available here. This is logically the last steamable class 62 in Bosnia. and probably the whole of former Yugoslavia.