Steam Charters and Real Working Industrial Steam in Bosnia and Serbia
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Linesiding with John
Bosnia & Serbia Steam Tours 2017
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All details have been discussed and agreed with local guides Majda and Dario but are subject to adjustment should this be necessary. I reserve the right to change the details on this page before the tour but will let all those signed up for the tour know of any changes and discuss the reasons and the implications.
Information about Sargan Eight
Information about East Bosnia Railway
James Waite's report on Mokra Gora
Mokra Gora Railway Hotel
Bosnia & Serbia Charter and
Real Working Steam II -
14-21 May 2017
Tour Cancelled - insufficient early bookings and
problems agreeing Mokra Gora trains
Updated 23 February 2017
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With real, working steam now thin on the ground, I am organising this second 'charter and real steam tour' which will again be guided by Majda and Dario and led by John Parker.

Tour Highlights
I'll let John Parker explain the attractions of this tour:

The Tuzla area is a Mecca for steam fans. Kriegsloks still shunt heavy coal trains around collieries and we will arrange extra extensive workings to maximise photo opportunities. The narrow gauge system at Banovici is also the haunt of real working steam and to this we add two charters along the entire length of this picturesque line (normally diesel). The Banovici works visit is the icing on the cake
Mokra Gora is a relatively rare location for the steam fan. Our previous visit unlocked its unique potential and we plan no less than FOUR ascents towards Sargan including TWO over the world famous Sargan Eight. This is a unique journey, not to be missed
But the 'jewel in the crown' of this trip is the simply breath-taking ascent into Serbia from Visegrad in Bosnia to Mokra Gora crossing the Serbian border (You will have your passport stamped with the incredibly rare Train Only Visa!). We will travel partly on the train and partly on a chasing bus to allow access to some quite spectacular locations. This line as good as anywhere else in the NG world!
We have chosen the middle of May to allow for the sunlight to penetrate the deep tree-lined valleys on these lines and to give us the best chance of a capturing those elusive 'master shots'.

Our Guides and Tour Leader
Majda and Dario are a friendly, competent and entrepreneurial couple who have now run 4 successful tours Bosnia steam tours with me. John Parker is a seasoned veteran of over one hundred photo safaris covering 3 continents and 12 countries, over half as tour leader. He has photographed the remaining Bosnian working steam on two separate occasions (on Linesiding with John tours) and worked closely with Majda and Dario to find locations and lighting which suited both still and video photographers. He led the Bosnia & Serbia Charter and Real Working Steam I tour in September 2016.

Tour Planning
The tour planning is coming on and Banovici (ng charters) and Mokra Gora (ng charters) will attempt to build on what was achieved the first time. We expect to also include visits to 3 standard gauge real working steam sites where former German kriegsloks will be in action or under repair.

About the Tour
The tour starts and end in Sarajevo and we will assist you if you wish to have free time at the beginning or end of the tour to explore Sarajevo. It makes good sense to be in place for the start of the tour rather than flying in the same day if you are able to spare the time. At the end of the tour, you will be more confident exploring Sarajevo on your own if you have never been to Bosnia before. Our guides can help you with additional hotel bookings and tourist information.

The tour price includes single rooms and 3 meals a day. If necessary, lunch may be a packed lunch to allow more time for steam action. Transport and charters are included in the tour price. The tour is ground arrangements only Sarajevo - Sarajevo for the period 14 - 21 May 2017. You will need to book your own flights.

Tour Price
Guide price €2300 - €2500 but dependent on tour numbers and charter costs which will probably only be known from early 2017
As Dario says; 'Planning all the tour details 7 months in advance (in this part of the world and with the organisations concerned) is definitely challenging.' Having said that though, they have successfully organised 4 previous tour for me.

Your deposit is fully refundable should the tour price exceed the guide price and you no longer wish to participate. Your deposit is also fully refundable should you need to cancel until 31 January 2017 or when we reach 8 participants whichever comes later and partially refundable until 31 March 2017.

You can book a place on this tour with a deposit of £400. Contact me if you would like to sign up and I will provide bank transfer details.

Tour Numbers
This tour is costed on 10 participants. We anticipate that the tour can run with 8 or more but we will limit the tour to 12 participants.

Small Print
You can read my standard terms and conditions by clicking on the link below. Please note that in the unlikely event that we should need to cancel this tour, the limit of our liability is for the full refund of any deposits or other funds paid to the tour organiser or the tour guides for this tour.

Tour Go/No Go Decision
We will make this decision as soon as we have 8 or more participants and ideally before the end of January 2017 to allow people to book their flights with confidence for a reasonable price. If necessary, we may be able to wait until end March to make a final decisions but this is in no-one's best interest and we would really like to decide sooner.
Tour Mailing List
Even if you are not ready to book at this point, if you are interested in this tour, I recommend that you email me - click this text box - to be added to the tour mailing list so that I can keep you posted on tour planning, information from Bosnia and Serbia and progress on tour numbers.
The two photos above were taken by John Parker on the September 2016 Bosnia & Serbia Charter and Real Working Steam Tour. You can see more of John Parker's photos in the Flickr Albums below.
Photos of Kreka Mining, Bukinje, Dubrave & Sikulje
Photos of Banovici Mining, Banovici & Oskova
Photos of Mokra Gora, Sargan 8 & Visegrad

Tour Cancelled - we may try again in 2018 - Bonsia only?