Shibanxi Changes (2012)

Last updated 19 March

This page documents the more obvious visual changes at Shibanxi that have occured since my last visit in March 2011. I'll try to keep a neutral stance on this (at least initially). Some will turn out for the best and others will be changes to regret. Time will tell.

Following my off-railway excursion today (19 March 2102), I've updated my 2011 report on the new road between Bagou and Mamiao at to bring this up to date.


This image complete with spelling mistake is also used for headboards on locos No. 8 and No. 14

Sanjin / Yuejin

New booking office, tourist staff office and chrome barrier.

The remains of the market

Changes to the shady park

Monument added to the park

New supermarket where the shoeshiners used to be.


New siding between the two tunnels at Bagou.

The wall has been removed from the park and the morning market has been moved away (to XinZhongJie)

Moving the market may have been a good idea as it add new life to an old street.

The new station building at Bagou under construction

Old lathes and other workshop equipment arranged near the old market area in Bagou. How long before the thin bits rust and become a health hazard?


Artwork on the platform with the new toilets behind

Promoting rides in fake old cars (with the Mercedes logo) from Bagou about 5km down the new road (towards Mamiao)