Dongguozhen Narrow Gauge Reed Railway
13 April 2018
Side view of JM80 No. 23.
Loco No. 9 is seen out on the line to the south east on a track repair train. Normal reed trains were suspended due to a mill shutdown period.
Dongguozhen restaurant toilet - through the kitchen, out the yard, across the tracks. The signs say - left to right - Men, Be careful trains (twice in black above and red below) and Women. Cliff has chosen the correct side!
The reed stacks all have lightning conductors nearby to try to avoid fires during storms
Bundles of reeds awaiting collection.
After leaving the depot in the paper factory on the north east line, the train reverses after crossing the main road in Dongguozhen to take the line to the south east. The original line back to Jincheng used to continue to the right of the photo but has now been lifted all the way to Jincheng. The Japanese station shown in the Jincheng photo selection is on that former route. The length of lifted track must be 30 km but the line to the south east is still used to bring cane to the new mill and extends for about 20 km.