Fuzhouwan Narrow Gauge Salt Railway
15 April 2018
Our initial visit yesterday found the railway not working after rain on Friday. However, today it was back in action. Being low-season for salt production, the activity was limited to one salt train making several trips and an engineers train working on the track
247-07 in the workshop for repair
Salt train coming from the current working salt fields to the south west. The signal box is now defunct - I'm sure mobile phones are used to control train movements - and we were standing on a derelict sg line which the salt railway passes under
Salt is loaded into the wagons - 25 4-ton wagons make up a train. Loading takes about 2.5 hours
The only really manual part is making sure that the wagons load properly
This winch hauls the wagons forwards so that all 25 get loaded without moving the loading gear
This caterpillar track vehicle is sucking up the salt which is loaded onto the wagons
217-06 has dropped its empty wagons and is going to pick up the loaded wagons
The loco is on the salt train waiting to pull them forward
The loco pulling the loaded wagons forward. It will then leave these to push the empty wagons to the loading point
A salt train heading to the storage area
The machinery to move the salt to the storage pile has been renewed since my last visit in 2009
247-10 on the works train
The salt factory loco has details differences and a different paint scheme to the line locos