Harz Blog 2013
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John Raby, August - September 2013
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In 2013, I signed up for a short visit to the
Harz with two friends Dave T and Mike H. KLM fares from Humberside were affordable so for the first time I will be travelling from Schipol to the Harz with 4 changes of trains at Hilversum, Hannover, Braunschweig and Vienenburg and reasonably tight connections. It could work well or it could go horribly wrong. The chances are that NS and DB (or their privatised operators) will get me there but time will tell.
The next addition and the first real news from the trip should be from Wernigerode on 28 August.
The plane and the trains did their job and by just before 10 pm I was enjoying a beer and some goulash in Wernigerode.
On my first day, after a walk to Westerntor to buy a 3-day Harz Tour Card (€18), we caught a bus to Stiege and a rail bus to Eisfelder Tahlmuhle. The hoped for bunker-first working from Nordhausen giving lots of thrash on the climb to Drie Annen Hohne didn't happen so plan B meant a ride to Schierke after the 3 train meet at Drei Annen and a walk up the Brocken path for more uphill trains and lunch. I returned to Wernigerode on the 14:22 from Drei Annen into a short shower of rain. So ended the first day's gricing.
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