China Tour - January & March-April 2018
China is still the steamiest 'real steam' country in the world but things are changing rapidly and 2018 could see the end. See right for the report on the Final China Real Steam tour in March 2017. Sandaoling and Shibanxi are still worth visiting but the railway at Pingzhuang was not operating. The end is near and this was a 'one last glimpse' tour but then I was asked to run a January 2018 Winter Standard Gauge Tour and I'm also planning a not-all-steam China narrow gauge tour. Details of both tours are available as pdf files - see right.
Bosnia & Serbia - May 2017 Tour
This tour was cancelled.
The participant numbers weren't forthcoming and we had some unresolved issues with the Mokra Gora special trains. We hope to try again, perhaps Bosnia only in 2018. If you are interested in 'demonstration' shunting with Kreigsloks and full-line charters on the narrow gauge at Banovici, let me know that you are interested.
Java 2014 Sugar Mill Season reports
Bosnia Standard & Narrow Gauge Steam Exploratory Tour 2014 report
Linesiding with John
Feb-March 2016 China Real Steam tour - click here to read about it.
12 January 2018
2018 China Tours Information available
China Report November 2014 including Rongshan
Feb- March 2015 Tour Report
Java 2015 Sugar Mill Season reports
I've added some videos to my YouTube collection including PNKA Power Parade Final Fling and Zhanhe, Yabuli, Xilin and Suiling Chinese Narrow Gauge Footage.
Future Tours
If you are interested in China Standard Gauge Steam in Winter or Chinese Narrow Gauge Lines see below. For Bosnian steam or future Java Sugar Mill tours, please email me to let me know you would be interested.
Bosnia Standard & Narrow Gauge Steam Tour 2015 report
This tour is now completed. I wrote a day-by-day blog of this trip but only sent this out as an email to those who request it. The 20+ blogs are now available - click here. We visited all mills which still use steam locos as well as two where a charter was possible, all 6 mills which still had field work with diesels and all of the mills in the Probolinggo, Situbondo, Jember and Madiun areas.
Java - August 2017 Tour
Bosnia May 2016 Exploratory Industrial Heritage Tour report
Click for the report of my industrial steam tour to China in March 2017.
Click for details of my August 2017 Java Sugar Mill Tour
May 2017 Tour Cancelled but
we may try again in 2018
The 2017 August Java Mill tour is now finished. The 20+ blogs from this trip are now available. Click here:
John Raby
Linesiding with John
John Raby
Linesiding with John
Winter Sandaoling-only Tour January 2018 - click to view the tour information as a pdf.
China Narrow Gauge Tour April 2018 - click to view the tour information as a pdf.
Big Trip 10/16 - 2/17 Blogs
I still sell my DVDs to anyone who wants one but in the last few years, I've noticed an almost complete collapse of this once popular medium and I don't believe that Blu-Ray or Blu-Ray UHD are going to replace DVDs so have not spent money for the equipment upgrades to go those routes.

However, I think it is now possible to make DVDs available as 'virtual DVD' (.img files) that can be downloaded from the 'cloud' and watched on your computer. If anyone would like to test this system, please email me and we can give it a try.

John Raby
1 November 2017

The January 2018 tour group have arrived in Sandaoling. I now have their first reports from arrival day. Click this box to read these and see Jun's Sandaoling snow photos taken over New Year.
Photo above of snow at Sandaoling over New Year 2018 by Jun (© Liu Xue Jun 2018)

Sandaoling in winter 10 - 20 January, China ng tour in April. Details below.