Mainline Miscellany


SY shunting near the new Beijing West Station towards the centre of Beijing.


The CNR line appeared 100% diesel. There are no through passenger trains from Harbin, you have to change at Wuchang. Local trains run from Wuchan to Jilin via Shanhetun. DFH3 and DH4 locos were seen.


Suiling is on the route from Harbin to Beian. The CNR still has limited use of QJs on freight.

Suihua depot


QJ6686, 6718, 3255 decorated, 3043


QJ 6844, 6800 ex decorated, 6986, 6790

JS 6551

total 10 locos allocated

9 QJ, 1 JS

Only freight work, some locos on shed probably from other depots

JS probably has no regular duties.

Bei an

The only reason to come to Bei-an is to visit the ng line at Zhanhe 50km to the north. Don't come in November which is pre-season. While driving to/from Zhanhe you can phot the conditional steam freight 4185 JS hauled departing Beian 08:40, the regular Longzhen - Beian freight JS hauled dep Zhanhe 10.10 and Beian - Longzhen passenger 543 JS hauled with glint on the bridges south of Zhanhe 15.20.

Zhanhe 25/12

JS 8246 dep in direction of Bei-an on freight 4186 around 10.30

Beian linesiding

went to 'so called' phot spot out on Tongbei road past power station. The line is visible for a long way and uphill to Bei an but if the sun had been shining the location would have been crap. With no sun and no sign of the double headed QJ freight due 7.30-8.30 we left to do Bei an shed.

JS 8313 on short freight towards Longzhen. was probably the conditional steam freight 4185 JS hauled departing Beian 08:40. Most days this didn't run.

Beian depot

In steam on shed:

QJ 3474, 3522, 6894, 6919, 6920, 6961

JS 8315

DFH3 0231

DF1 1465


QJ 3256, 3360, 3361, 3413, 3427, 3473, 3567, 6921,

JS 5993

In shed/workshop

QJ 2580 stationary boiler, 3254, 3415

JS 6554, 8246, 8263

one steam coaling crane

All JS had high deflectors. QJ numbered below 3567 had high deflectors.

Afternoon, lightly snowing

JS 6554 on 14.35 express 543 photted on crossing past the prison.

The conclusion on Bei-an is don't bother unless you come when the Zhanhe ng railway is working and don't allow extra days for photting around Bei an.

Yimianpo (Harbin - Yabuli)


SY reported as possibly allocated to factory here was probably in transit from Jalainur Open Cast pit for repair or to another location. No active steam but 7 QJs still dumped on shed: QJ 2582 '76. 2759 '78, 2879 '74, 2886 '79, 3476 '80, 6902 '75, 6087 '81,

Hengdaohezi (Yabuli to Mudangjiang)

mainline through gorge, view from freeway down on old roundhouse with +/- 10 QJs dumped outside. Must have been great in steam days.

Mudaangjiang - Chiahe

QJ6959 & 3593 on short freight near Hualin towards Chiahe at 1:50.

Harbin locomotive depot 9/1

permission to visit to see the steam engines denied as 'they no longer have any steam engines.' This could be true.

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