The CNR line appeared 100% diesel. There are no through passenger trains from Harbin, you have to change at Wuchang. Local trains run from Wuchan to Jilin via Shanhetun. DFH3 and DH4 locos were seen. We drove to Shanhetun in about 2.5 hrs with Harbin CITS.

Shanhetun Forestry Railway

Nocturnal pattern of operation from Shanhetun. Two empty trains depart after 7 pm and two loaded trains arrive after 9 pm. Based on observations at Suiling and Zhanhe it seems that Shanhetun has more locos than it needs, produces inferior wood (thin silver birch) and is maybe almost logged out. Logging season Nov-Feb but cut logs take up to 12 months to clear. 63 km of track in Japanese times, now 420 km.



5 locos in steam on shed at 12 lunchtime on 12/20

67 shunt, 506, B031009. 05, B031603

64 dumped

67 is Chrzanow 3850 of 1959 with 8 wheel tender. 506 is Chrzanow 3844 of 1959. Chinese built locos here normally have 6 wheel tenders.



Reported 4 railbus + open wagons work a privatized public service:

15:15 to Dung Shin

16:00? to Bai Shr La

Steam worked passenqer service until 5 yrs ago. All passenger coaches are now dumped some off bogies and interiors are slowly being stripped for fire wood.

All-day trip to Chang Qing (4 hrs out) by Inspection railbus $50

dep 9 am

details of the line

scenic bridge 100 m before Niu Jia, loop

Wu Jia Qiao, loop

scenic section bridge, cuttings and ledge before Xiang Yan, loop, water

Chang Shen 36 km

Ha La Hei 43 km

Sir Shi Jou 49 km

Sha He Zi

junction, water and coaling plant

we turned left


straight on to Bai Shi La forest factory


Fen Dou

Da Ling junction and signal box 69 km

saw loco 06

You Yi Cun

06 went ahead to clear line of loads

Shuang Ma Jia

San Shi Ba

Chang Qing km 100.5

loco 05 on log train



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