Suiling is on the route from Harbin to Beian. The CNR still has limited use of QJs on freight.

Wed 23 Dec

Suiling Forestry Railway

ng station built 1979 is 3km north of standard gauge station and visible from sq train. We didn't find out much about this system in one short visit.

C2 203 on shunt

053 on wagon works shunt built Shijiazhuang (1970)

In for repair 201 8w tender (Chinese)

B31020 (Polish, said to be 1952) withdrawn and being used for spares.

Derelict loco on its side outside no number.

120 km of line, Japanese origins, 7 am pax from Suiling returns following day?, assumed to be railcar but also talk of different type of steam, many pax coaches around the site (in use/abandoned?).

Railcars, various oou plus 1 crane bus in use. One oou railbus equipped with police-style red lights and loud speakers!

8 steam excluding loco on side?

v. spacious site with wagon works, steam overhaul shed, steam running shed, railbus shed (not in use) on seperate spurs on frozen marshy ground, huge under-used passenger station, very large woodyard, good quality timber

Similar nocturnal operation to Shanhetun but (in contrast) apparently the pattern is evening arrival and then early morning departure.

Thu Dec 24

At 1pm on 12/24 1 steam & previously unseen small 4w diesel loco were visible from sg train.

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