Chenjia Railway

One mixed a day on this recent (1985) over-engineered line which is probably only months off closure. Probably the last C4 line in China (and with Sroda and Gneizno in Poland) the last place to see a Px48 in regular service. C4 are larger, heavier locos than the common C2 and are Chinese built Px48. They can be identified from C2 by the following characteristics; straight steam pipes, unequal spacing between wheels (greater spacing between last two axles), separate domes (3 not 1), and a low running board on the left side facing forward. (The right side climbs above an air cylinder.) Loco 20 under repair at Chenzhou has all of the features except the unequal wheel spacing and we can speculate that the 20 series locos here were all like this. No. 93 the working loco however has all the classic C4 features and perhaps all locos in the 90 range do too. Apart from 2 locos locked in a shed and the two locos above, there we no other locos seen. I wait to hear if Rob found the missing loco at the mine (he didn't). The station log at Guiyang shows that a freight ran through from the mine and back (train 502/501) on Dec 25 and 26 but on no other days in December.
Small mine railway near Guiyang leading to a factory complex c.2-3km away.
at Fangyuansu?
600 original? but much of it 610-630
oh electrics 03, 02 on loads, 05 outside shed, 01 inside, 04 came up light, battery electric 12 on engineers train

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