Gansui - Baiyan (Songzhao Coal Company)
aka Datong Coal Railway (NB: Datong is on top of a hill, not on the railway but location of Songzhao Coal Company guesthouse.) Locos on this line SY0303, 0329, 1197, 1198, 1199, 1656 plus rail cars 1006, 1031
SY1109 was seen en route from Chongqing at a coal mine east of the China Rail and well south of Chongqing Iron and Steel Works.

Railway runs (north - south) Ganshui junction with China Rail, Maliutan, junction for branch to Xiaoyutou, Qingqihai, 22km headquarters, 2coalmines, Baiyan terminus 32 km, site of 2 600mm coalmines (battery electric and cable). The two branches are operated by a different company (1 or 2?) which has its own SY 0344, 0037, 0514.
top end ng mine Fengcheng (or Fengchunba?) 600mm 2 battery electrics 1998/1999 made in Shangtan, Hunan prov. 
in shed 2 small single ended b/elec plus no. 5 double ended without its battery, 12 hours charge use for 7-10 hours. Charge off loco and crane back on, chargers made in Harbin.

The other mine also 600mm is cable and hand worked. The two mines interconnect on a bridge over the river and a road used by coal trucks. The hand working takes place on this bridge and in the area between the standard gauge and the road. There is a c.1/2km handworked line to a repair shop/pit prop store (actual use conjecture). Still used but not seen in use. The battery electrics may also use this line although it should belong to the other mine. 

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