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updated 1 January 2014

To order a DVD from this page, please click on the email link below the price for the DVD and send me a message that you wish to buy this DVD. Prices are 15 + postage for single DVDs, 18 + postage for double DVDs with a special price for DVD sets. The email you send will already have a suitable title including the name of the DVD. It would help if you could note how you would like to pay in the email and whether you want the DVD sent to a UK, rest of Europe or rest of the World address. If you want to order several DVDs at the same time, click and send me an email for each of the titles you are interested in. I will combine these to produce a total price. Postage will be for the first DVD only and orders for four DVDs or more will attract a discount.You can pay by PayPal, UK cheque or bank transfer.

Around the Yamanote Line DVD

This is a DVD focusing on a trip around the Yamanote Line in Tokyo. It's a 'virtual' cabride as the front compartment of each train has a glass window that gives an excellent view of the road ahead. The Yamanote trains run to a 4-minute timetable and there is so much happening along the way including shinkansen (bullet trains), other JR lines, private railways, the Haneda monorail, the Arakawa tram, etc.

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Around the Yamanote

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Digital Widescreen HD, NG/SG, Electric, real

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Japanese Preserved Steam 15 + postage
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