Steamy Java 2008 DVD

Updated 10 June 2009

This double DVD is available for 18.00 plus postage worldwide.   

It was filmed during the Steamy Java 2008 tour led by Rod Dickinson on which I assisted.

There won't be a tour in 2009 - I think the world recession spoilt our fun - but we hope to run a 2010 tour. Contact me if you are interested.

View the photo blog that I kept during the 2008 tour:

For the first part of the blog, go to Blog I
For the second part of the blog, go to Blog II

For the post-tour blog, go to Post-Tour Blog

The Ambarawa Railway Museum
The Cepu Forest Railway
Semboro Sugar Mill
Wonogiri Branch Passenger Train

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The now-cancelled 2009 tour details are on Rob's website. Go to

You can find details of my other Java DVDs at

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