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Pre-Tour Part 3

Last updated 9 August 2012

Pre-Tour 3
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Krebet Baru Initial Exploration

After meeting two local enthusiasts Faris and Arif, we drove out to Krebet Baru for a sneak preview of the mill and line that the group will visit while in Malang. Faris had tipped me off about the field line to the south that was still operating but what I had not understood was that:

- the line is 38 km long (including branches)

- it has an intermediate collecting point (emplasmen) at about 15 km down the main line

- it has a fleet of 28 locos (of which about half are working)

This map shows the full system with the mill top middle and the collecting point shown in detail bottom right with the red line to the location. Two further close ups may help future visitors. The location of the roads to access all points of the system has yet to be established.

This is a close up of the mill to collecting point.

This is a close up of the south end of the system with the collecting point middle right.

We had 'special access' to the depot at the mill. This normally requires written permission from head office. I'll show more of the depot area in the next few days after a return visit. However, I was interested in the dumped Simplex MotorRail locos being from my home town. This plate is on No, 1 which has been converted to a crane loco (or just a mobile crane).

There are several of these locos in the dump part of the depot including No. 4 (and No. 6).

We then explored the field line. This was complicated by a road blockage that meant I could not see the direct route to the collecting point of Gondanglegi(t) but also by the main roads and rail not being close together or parallel. The diversion around the road block meant that we did parallel the line on a dirt track and my rough sketch shows what I know so far.

At the emplasment, we saw two trains leave for the mill of which this was the second.

We got a bit delayed getting to the steep climb by a cane truck loading on a single track dirt road but when we got to the top, the first train had a derailment which was fixed quite swiftly (c. 15 min).

Partial unloading followed by a tow with a well placed chain spun the wagon through 180 degrees.

Re-railing irons were then use. After which, normal service resumed.

I look forward to further exploration of this interesting and busy system. I doubt we will get there tomorrow but we have a full day book for July 18.

Arif is a talented cartoon artist. This is his take on me:

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