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In future, the 'insert sheets' for all of my DVDs will be available here to download in Word format. There are several reasons for doing this not least being that I sometimes run out of time to finish these before I send out new DVDs and (for UK customers) not including a insert sheet can also save on postage. On the positive side, there are advantages. These downloaded files will (in future) not be squeezed to fit onto only two sides of paper and can have active hotlinks that will allow you to go immediately to the websites mentioned for more information. In addition, I will be able to update these sheets to correct errors, add additional information and to reflect the current situation. You can also replace lost or damaged sheets from this page. On the negative side, some people may prefer me to print out and include this information with the DVD when posted and I apologize if this applies to you.

Clicking on the links below will download a Word document to your computer.

DVD Descriptions available (date shows the date added/updated):

Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme Fêtes de la Vapeur 2003 & 2006 15 January 2009

Chinese Narrow Gauge Sand, Salt, Reed & Coal Railways 23 Setember 2009
(exceptionally, this 21 page pdf file is only available to those have bought the DVD,
contact jraby@linesiding.co.uk to request a copy

Chinese Standard Gauge Coal Railways 11 May 2009

Classic Chinese Steam Locations Part 1 13 August 2008

East German Narrow Gauge Part 1 23 October 2008

English 2ft Farm & Garden Railways (SBR edition) 27 March 2009

Hegang & Jixi 27 October 2009

Java Special Selection 11 July 2008

The Jitong Railway and the Jingpeng Pass 12 August 2008

Nanpiao, Huludao & Meihekou 31 October 2008

Nanpiao, Pingzhuang, Yuanbaoshan 27 October 2009

PNKA Power Parade's Final Fling 11 July 2008

Sichuan Narrow Gauge 2001 7 October 2008

Statfold Year 2007 21 October 2008

Statfold Year 2008 11 May 2009

Steam Locomotives in Cuba Part 2: Central Cuba 29 August 2008

Steam Locomotives in Cuba : The Narrow Gauge 22 September 2008

Steam in Burma 20 May 2008

Steamy Java 1999 11 July 2008

Steamy Java 2008 double DVD 19 September 2008

Viseu de Sus - Romania's Last Logging Line 11 July 2008

Xilin Mineral Railway & Yabuli Logging Railway 16 November 2008

Xingyang Brickworks Railway 31 October 2008

Zhanhe & Suiling Forest Railways 6 December 2008

Descriptions of all new DVDs are added when the DVDs are published. Older DVDs are added as the DVDs are ordered. Let me know if I have sent you a DVD but not yet provided the description here.

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